Sleepless in Blog Land.......

When I first started this blog it was just to talk about my free coupon site and swagbucks that I absolutely LOVE and have benefited from....

Then I realized that I had so many other things to share.

My plan was to blog everyday!!!! What was I thinking???? So the plan changed to every other day.

Well with an almost 6 month old that is not sleeping through the night, my plans have changed again.

When I say NOT sleeping through the night, I mean up every hour on the hour!!! UUGGGG! This is a rare shot of him sleeping

For me writing anything is VERY time takes me hours/days to edit what I'm trying to say....I've never been a writer so I'm hoping with time this will get easier and faster...

My goal for now is to blog twice a week.

Today I just wanted to mention Swagbucks again because their birthday is approaching and I think BIG rewards are coming.

Since the beginning of this month I have gotten $50 more in amazon gift cards, a t-shirt and some rubber ducks for my son's bath. I love to stack the amazon cards on my account and save up for something big. I plan on getting even more by the end of the month.Swagbucks are a digital dollar that you are rewarded for searching the web. Read my first post to find out more. Don't miss out! You're on the computer anyway so go be rewarded for it.

Just go check out swagbucks fan page on Facebook and see the happiness and rewards others are experiencing.I plan on using some of my rewards for a giveaway to my followers soon.

Well I'm off to try and nap...ya right...who am I kidding??


YayaOrchid said...

I tried leaving a comment earlier, but it wouldn't work. Trying again.

Sorry about the sleep deprivation. Adjusting to baby's sleep patterns can be difficult. Hope he'll soon be back on track. :)

Mara said...

Hi Michell,
I just stopped over from CafeMom - cute blog and adorable son! =)
Great tutorial on homemade baby wipes! I've made them off and on since my oldest (who's now 10) was a baby.
I also loove Swagbucks! I know I don't know you, but just thought I'd mention the biggest help I've found for helping my babies get to sleep. Someone gave us the book "On Becoming BabyWise" (sometimes referred to as "Babywise") by Dr. Gary Ezzo and starting with our first, every baby has slept through the night at around 3-4 weeks. We're expecting our 5th in 6 weeks and I'm so happy to have read that 10 years ago! We've never had a problem with our little ones sleeping, and I share that book as often as possible in hopes that it may help other sleep-deprived mamas. =)
Good luck to you and your beautiful family! =)

Michell said...

Mara...CONGRATS on your soon arrival!!! thanks for mentioning that book..I think I have heard of it and I will check that out...My girls never had a problem sleeping at night...But my son has GAS problems and his pains wake him up at night:( I thought he out grew it but it seems to be back!!!!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

That sleeping baby picture is SO priceless!!! So nice to 'meet' you.

bigguysmama said...

Ugh, I sure remember those sleepless nights! My kids never got on a decent schedule. Of course, it seemed that everyone I knew with babies had then on schedules likaty split! :) You'll get there!

As for blogging, don't put a number out there, just blog, when you can. If you are anything like me, you put an amount out there and if you don't do it you feel like a "failure". Ok, not a failure, but bummed. I would just blog when you find the time.

As for the writing part, the more you blog the more you'll get comfortable in it. I have to remind myself not to compare my writing to others. Oh man, it's so easy to do. Others are more smooth, funny, put together, etc. Don't worry about it! You just do what you do and it'll get better as you go!

Mimi from MBC

~Shelley~ said...

What a sweet picture :) And your blog is adorable..I love sunflowers!!!!

I'm your newest follower from FFF @ Mom Bloggers Club! I'd love for you to come visit me!

Have a great night :)

~nancy~ said...

Hi following you via MBC

Have a great day

Cynthia said...

Cute blog! Found you on MBC. I'm new to blogging too :)

Jess said...

I love swagbucks! Your blog is so cute! I love your son's room as well as your story about meeting/marrying sam. It was God's WILL!

The Dulaney Family said...

Yay for free-bies! Thanks for blogging! said...

Hi again....sorry about the sleepless nites. I too have them still w one of my twins who is overcomming an ear infection!

I have my swagbucks answer too!

Found you on MBC!

Come to think about it I wrote about my sleepless nite last week when my dd screamed all was really awful. I will look for the it is said...

Oh btw
I also recommend that Babywise book mentioned by Mara. I've raised kids with and without their methods. The Babywise methods take more effort but are easier in the long run...


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