My 1st Silhouette Project~ Re Purposed Canvas

 and I think to myself what a wonderful WORLD!
One of my favorite quotes from my favorite song!

I seen an idea over on Pinterest from Brassy Apple 
Go check out her ROCKS!!!
This is a 3 foot $150 Target canvas..........
I found it at a thrift store for around $20 about 4 years ago.
I thought it was time for an update but instead of replacing it…
I decided to Re Purpose it using my NEW Silhouette!
Easier said than done!
I have never owned any type of cutting machine so for me
it was a little confusing to use…..
My plan was to cut words, stick them to the canvas, 
paint over the canvas and peel words off to reveal quote.
Silly me assumed that vinyl came with the Silhouette….
so I had to use printer paper……
good thing because I had so many mistakes
that I would have ruined all my vinyl!

Because my canvas is so big I had to cut one letter at a time..........
I cut each word in a different font.......
then used a spray adhesive to attach paper to canvas
See?? What a mess!
Lots of trail and errors with this first project!
Just checking my letter placement…..BUT
I think IF I had white vinyl I might have stopped here…
I like this look!
I used my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey
Because I love the chalky with the glossy quote.
I started in the corner just to make sure this was gonna workSmile
I just used my craft knife to remove the letter
Yep….I think this is gonna work!
Time to paint to rest of the canvas…..
I worked in sections so I could pull the letter off while the paint was still wet
This makes it easy to remove any leaks with a q-tip
This just gives you an idea of how BIG this canvas is!
and there you have it…….
Still trying to figure out this Silhouette
but I’m kinda a slow learner with new gadgets….
Check out all the places I party!


Ashley said...

holy cow!! it looks made me feel better seeing all that paper on the floor...i've had my silhouette since september and i do good just to cut out a monogram...its just so confusing to me...i've watched videos and read everything i could find...thanks for sharing

ashley @creating love & joy

StephanieRuth said...

What an awesome idea! You are so creative.

gail said...


I LOVE your HUGE canvas. Oh my, it is big, isn't it?
You did a great job. I really like the way you went about it, revealing the canvas underneath. :)
Hint: I use ugly contact paper (I buy on clearance) for things like this, never waste good vinyl for temporary projects.

Ginger said...

Looks awesome! :) So glad you finally got a Silhouette! Yay! I was scared of mine, too when I first got it. I've never cut paper with mine...very clever to use paper for the stencils.

Ginger @

Ange said...

This looks great! I like how the color pops out from behind the great quote! Nice job!

Janet said...

AWESOME!!!! I'm not a speedy one with new gadgets either, but you sure made it work. And, like me, for something new you take on a big, complicated project. LOL I still have to do copy & paste to put anything into my blog.

L2L said...

Ohhhh I love this. I have a canvas painting of a flower vase sitting on a table i think the phrase Bloom where you are planted would be perfect!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh wow! That is cool! What a fantastic idea! Your floor looks like mine has looked all week after cutting fabric, paper, vinyle, you name it. I finally cleaned it all up tonight! Crafting isn't neat that's for sure!
Scissors & Spatulas

Brassy Apple said...

I love that you tried it and shared it! thank YOU!
I love the way it turned out!

Dara Lynn said...

I think this turned out fantastic!!! What a wonderful repurpose!!!!!!! I have owned my Silhouette for 2 years first is a little overwhelming but now I can't craft without it...just keep at it!!! I will give some advice with the start out...try the black flocked first... you will LOVE it !!!

amy & lisa said...

I really love this!! I did a few canvases at Christmas for gifts and I will say it was hard for me not to stop once I had my letters on also. I was not sure I wanted to paint over everything. :) But I did, and they all turned out very nice. I used brush on paint and also tried spray paint.

PinkLadyFreedom said...

You could have used freezer paper. You iron it on and there would be no leaks and it comes off pretty easy... I use this for screen printing tee shirts but you can use it on pretty much anything! :)Thanks for the tutorial!

Stacey said...

YES!!! I am so happy you posted this. When I saw the original on the other website I got super excited and I lay in bed dreaming of my finished project. I knew 1 thing for sure. I was going to paint over my letters in grey! Now I have a complete vision. I am going to buy a painting from a second hand store and go to town. Thanks again for posting.

shaunnaRooskie said...

i love the way this turned out & really like your take on this project - over an already painted canvas - i have so many ideas running through my brain right now!!! thank you for sharing and good luck with your Silhouette - hope it's gotten a little easier for you - its definitely tricky at first but still SO worth it! thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial :)

Smith said...

What an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I never thought of doing it this way! Too cool! | Checkout roygroething silhouette portrait

Wendy May said...

I love this whole project! Love the painting you picked, the letters/fonts, and the lyrics. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I have to make a "Sunshine" one for my nieces room. I'm just going to go for it!

Tyelinda Baumgardner said...

I love it. Its beautiful. Makes me feel like I can do hearing some of the struggles you went thru. Thanks for sharing.

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