Moving On............

A Sweet Good-Bye to Our Little Home

My hubby took a promotion in Sheridan, Wyoming....
I can't wait to start our new life there....
I have my eye on a 'little' farm:)

But first our home in Casper has to sell...,,,,
in the meantime my hubby will be living in our 5th wheel in Sheridan
Home Sweet Home

A minor inconvenience on the way to Sheridan
Good thing we had a 'little' roadside assistance

All set up....and work is just a few steps away

This week we came to help Daddy get set up

Rains was still able to watch his learning video's.
He is singing along to the songs now!
His crib at home is not next to a window.
He loves to look outside.

When I'm not cooking the magnets keep him busy for a while:)

He even enjoyed the shower!
And best of all Rains gets to help Daddy work....

I hope our house sells soon....'camping' without the lake or woods is gonna get old real fast!!!


Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

I hope your house sells fast! It looks like you guys are making the best of it though!!!

Anonymous said...

Your doxie is adorable!

Paula@One Mom's Corner of the World said...

How cute! I'm visiting from MBC. I signed up to be your follower.

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