Banana Pops

A yummy Banana Pop on a HOT Summer Day!

I throw all my over ripe bananas in the freezer for banana breads or banana pops.
For banana pops all you need is 1/2 a frozen banana and one of these mesh rings from Wal-mart.

A banana pop on a hot summer day makes for one HAPPY baby!
I'm so Happy!
I'm NOT sharing!
This is a GREAT day!
Aww...Thinking about the next frozen pop day~

I also use frozen strawberries, peaches, blueberries and cubes of the baby foods I made in my homemade baby food post HERE

Happy Summer Everyone!



Julia said...

omg, his hair!! those cheeks!! what a doll!!

Mama Dub said...

We do the same thing! It's great for teething as well. We also freeze peeled apple slices. Tastes great, eases gum pain and give that extra boost of vitamins. :)

Barb's Bargain Blob said...

Michell, you are full of all types of good information! I will pass this on to all of my friends for their grandkids! Thanks

Becky said...

Cute, cute, cute little guy!

I would be honored if you would feature the tuitorial. :) Can't wait to see your version!


Anonymous said...

Your son is absolutely adorable! Hugs!

Melissa said...

Yum! We have those mesh things too, but mine are from Target. ;-) Your son is a handsome little guy!

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