# 7 8 & 9 Start to Finish Tuesdays

Here we are going on week 10 and I'm excited to announce we have a ROOF!

Now that we are all framed out, the plumbers and electricians are ready to do their thing......

Our house will be move-in ready before we know it!

2nd floor wall 
My son and I in the front window 
The roof....without the attic peak 
Side view
This is a dormer window upstairs and will have a window seat 
Upstairs bedroom 
Starting to look like the photo from the house plan:-) 
Daddy and Rains standing in his new bedroom



Anonymous said...

I am wishing you many well wishes during your construction!! We have been going on a year now and I know how frustrating it can be!!

Clara said...

Wow! Lots of work but it will be well worth all the time, effort and endless waiting.

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