Introduction to Heritage Makers

As you know it's my passion to share FUN tutorials with lots and lots of photos!

I have been dreaming of making books with my hat patterns, tutorials, and a books of my children's events or our NEW home project.

Well my dream came true when I recently stumbled onto Heritage Makers! It's digital scrapbooking....

I have always wanted to be a scrapbooker but I get overwhelmed in the scrapbook aisle where just a few items can add to alot of $$$$dollars.

AND knowing myself this would all be forgotten about in a craft drawer somewhere out of reach of the little one:-(

That's why digital scrapbooking is PERFECT for me! All my photos are on my computer and now I have access to unlimited photo storage AND over 40,000 pieces of digital art!

I can be as creative as I want OR  just choose one of the many GREAT templates my heritage studio has set up....

Instead of pulling out my closet of scrapbook supplies that my son LOVES to eat or destroy, now I can just take some ME time and sit at my computer to work on a book or project. Whether that's in a coffee shop with friends or during naptime at home, it's all conveniently on my laptop.

For my first project I'm making a book for my son....'Before I was your Mommy' and 'How I met your Daddy'

What a great bedtime story that will be! AND with Christmas right around the corner I hope to collect recipes from family members to make a family cookbook for gifts. Oh the possibilities!!

AND I have LOTS of plans for the decor in my NEW home......

The woman in this video is my INSPIRATION!

I am a very frugal person and always look for the BEST deal...I have used other services to make books and cards...and it just can't even compare to the quailty and choices of Heritage Makers.

A book about my son's first year will last a lifetime in my family at the cost of a dinner out....

I feel it's worth EVERY penny and that's why I have signed up to be a Consultant! I'm am so excited to help others capture their story and make beautiful works of art!

I can't wait to share ALL my projects with you over time. 

Why I became a consultant:
1.  I wanted to earn FREE product to make my own books!
2.  I just know my friends and family are gonna LOVE making      books and works of art with me!
3.  The price was RIGHT! Cheapest start up fees for any business I've ever seen! Click HERE
4.  I can work WHEN and HOW much I want.
5.  A job I LOVE
6. And of course potential income!

Feel free to join me as a consultant or client at I will gladly take the time to help YOU create your story and share ALL the great deals going on right now and in the future.


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Clara said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'll certainly have a look at it when I sit down later with a cup of tea.

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