Heritage Makers Mondays

Every Monday I will be sharing a Theme from all the wonderful templates that Heritage Makers has to offer.

Heritage Makers is a place to upload photos and make Storybooks, Canvas Prints, Greeting Cards, Family Cookbooks, Home Decor and so much MORE....

Ditagal Scrapbooking is my new addiction! I will also be writing more tutorials about the Home Decor I'm making using HM's templates.

Just like these Halloween Blocks I made for $4!

I can't wait to share with everyone the collection of HM's 50,000 pieces of digital art!

I have tried tradional scrapbooking.......but I  just don't have the room or time. Then I feel guilty when I don't get my projects done.....

BUT using the templates that someone else already designed at HM, all I have to do is upload my photos:-) Easy Peasy!! 

You can sign up for a FREE account with Heritage Makers at http://www.storykeepsakse.com/

This allows you to check out the gallery, upload photos and start working on a project....

And like with anything NEW (facebook, blogging, twitter).......it just take a few times at the site to understand how it all works. Plus there are a few great video tutorials!
Also if you are a regular reader of my blog you know I'm frugal and like to save money!

I can tell you I think making my Son a storybook of his 1st year that will last a lifetime our family at the cost of a night out to dinner.....is worth every penny!!

Ok....so with all that said....On with my Heritage Makers Mondays

This weeks Theme is the Army........Here are some of my favorite templates honoring our Soldiers that you might enjoy too:

What's YOUR story???
Your Story + Your Photos = Your Heritage!!
If you don't write your story....Who will???


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