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I have created a NEW fan page on Facebook!

~Me and My ETSY Friends~ 

This page is dedicated to a few Etsy shops. We all have a variety of great items and I hope to promote  all our items in one place, host giveaways and have One Day ONLY sales. 

Recently at a craft fair, I met a few very wonderful women. One in her 80's that makes beautiful quilts and doesn't own a computer.  The other makes awesome Bird Houses and other items but will no longer be able to attend craft fairs due to health issues....

I LOVE both their products and I have decided to help them both get started on ETSY! I hope to add their new shops soon and help them promote their items.

In the meantime, our new Facebook page has my shop and two other wonderful crafters...I also hope to add another Etsy shop that donates 100% of her proceeds to charity......

With all that said..... 
I'd like to Welcome everyone to join our new page. Please share with your friends and family.

Once we hit 200 fans we will have weekly giveaways just for being a fan of our page! 

We plan to give away an item from each shop during a coarse of each month.

LIKE our page so you join in on all the fun!



Karla said...

I liked! : )

YayaOrchid said...

Got mine done Michell!

Aysha said...

I am so glad to see you helping others get their hand made items out there. I got a special respect for those who have the talent and patience to sit and create something. Shall join your FB page

Bella said...

Liked you too, and girl, you are tooooo sweet for helping fellow crafters, especially cute grandmas, I can so picture her. I love grandmas, and grandpas. Good for you!!

Just want to let you know of my new ~~Special Party~~ called **6 weeks 2 JINGLE** it's all things Christmas, so if you get a chance, come check it out, and of course particpate, you crafty girl, you. Thanks again!!!


Melissa said...

I liked your page, and have an Etsy shop too.

Anonymous said...

Hi I follow you on twitter!!

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