While you're out VOTING......

My little COW could use YOUR vote! 
Since you're out voting today....
Why not VOTE for my little COW....Just LIKE the Prince Lionheart page on Facebook HERE

Then LIKE the 1st little COW in their Halloween Album. HERE

Commenting is an extra vote! 
The prize is an $80 Wheelybug

 Prince Lionheart has some awesome products for our little ones!
I normally don't beg for votes but he has a good chance to win this and is only down a few votes.....Voting is open til Nov 3rd.

Thanks some much for the support!


The Rheinlander's said...

Following from MBC! On my way to vote : )

Melissa said...

I voted last week for your little cutie.

Susan said...

Just blogging around this evening and found your blog. I love reading all the different blogs, they are all so unique and interesting. Thank you for letting me visit.

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