Modern Bird Studios Photo Contest

I entered my Favorite picture of Rains in the 
ModernBirdStudios Photo Contest on Facebook

This photo gives me chills and fills me with pride....I would really really appreciate a LIKE on this photo...You have to LIKE the page before you can LIKE the photo

There are 157 photos entered...Rains' photo is towards the button of the page.....

I have until March 21st to get as many LIKES as I can for his photo.

The top 10 with the most LIKES will go before a panel of judges that will choose the winner..

The winner will recieve a 12 x24 multi- colored piece.

ModernBirdStudios  creates personalized modern art from your photographs so go check them out.....they are FABULOUS!! 

Thanks Everyone!!! 


alison said...

i adore this photo and i'll head over right now to give a vote!

blessings and good luck,

stuff and nonsense

The Vintage Attic said...

I liked your photo on FB, hope I did it right. I really do like this photo, soooo sweet and chilling at the same time.


Sky @ Capital B said...

Oh I agree- this photo is wonderful! Fun to visit your blog- I've sent you two different whoopdwhoop swaps. Fun to see who you are! Wish it wasn't too late to vote for your photo- hope it went well!

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