I have a confession..................I LOVE free samples!  

I can't pass them up! I haven't reached the extreme couponing stage BUT I could easily get there with my favorite FREE SAMPLE site 
Go poke around their fabulous site and you will find all kinds of catorgires of free stuff....from coupons to codes to sweepstakes.

Check out my latest FREE sample
What DIY-er or Craft-er wouldn't LOVE free paint!!
I was alerted to this awesome free sample 
via Free Samples Facebook and Twitter page.
I follow both just so I don't miss anything.

I also get a morning e-mail alerting me to samples I might have missed.
I collect Pamper codes since my son's in diapers but this awesome site also alerts me to extra bonus codes to help me save up faster.
I'm only a few hundred points away from this BAD BOY
...shhhhhh don't tell my boy it's a surprise! 
I will be able to collect points long after my boy is out of diapers ! Woot!  
 Here's some other FREE SAMPLES I have received in the past.
I have a nice little basket in my guest bath full of toiletries. 
Have a cold, need a cup of coffee, or wanta quit smoking????
I can fix you right up!
 Some more.......Thank you Itsallfreeonline!!
 As much as I LOVE free samples.....I also LOVE to donate them...
This is a box I sent to the troops for only $12.50!
Priority boxes, tape and labels are FREE!!

Don't know anyone serving??? 
How about collecting and sending your free samples to a mission or homeless shelter??
I don't have the means to write out a BIG check but I can take the time each morning to sign up for samples and donate them....
Just my way of volunteering:-)
Warning: This is what your mailbox will look like EVERYDAY! 
I love getting something besides bills!!!


Melissa said...

I don't do too many free samples, but I used to when my kids were babies. Now it seems to take too much time. I did get a lot of cool freebies for the kids for school, but they weren't really samples.

Deena Jo said...

Another equally amazing site out there is If you haven't been, you MUST visit! You'll love it!

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

Wow, Michelle! I didn't know about it. Heading there now. Thanks for sharing!

A Vintage Green said...

Great idea - sending some of your 'free samples' to the troops. Small luxuries make a difference.
- Joy

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

We do that too but we do shelters... I think both are super great causes!! You are amazing...


Holly said...

Oh man...tat paint is an excellent free a mini birthday present!

I can carry all the shopping bags and the babies too. said...

Check Out

They offer swaps for moms... free stuff!!!

Jasmine Nicole said...

If only these offers we available in Canada!

Katherines Corner said...

Thank you for sharing. Big Hugs!

C.R.A.F.T. said...

What a great idea! I never knew you could get so many free samples online.

destiny said...

haha! I love this because I totally like free stuff too! and plus a full mailbox with tons of packages make me SMILE!! haha!

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