10 FREE things to do in Sheridan, Wyoming

Yesterday I was over on C.R.A.F.T. sharing 10 FREE things to do in my town....
in case you missed it.....here is my town:

I live in Sheridan, Wyoming. 
My town has a population of 17,401 and was voted 
The #1 Western Town in America!

 I'm excited to share with you my part of the world.......
It's so beautiful here!
Drive through our town and you might just spot a moose, pheasant, and wild turkeys just to name a few....

In a small town you have to be creative to find FREE things to do..... 
Here are my top 10 favorite FREE things to do in my area:

1. Hiking
You can drive a few miles in any direction and find fabulous hiking spots! 
Hiking down to Porcupine Falls is our Favorite!

2. The Town Fountain
Oh this fountain has provided us with many hours of FUN! 
The BEST part is that our award winning website Sheridan Media has a web cam so his Nana 2 hours away can watch all the action! 
Oh and the beauty when they don't shut the fountain off before the first freeze.

3. Yellowstone Park 
There are 17 days in 2011 that have FREE admission to Yellowstone Park
We are a 250 mile drive to the East Entrance of the park. It's a great adventure to pack a picnic, some sleeping bags, a tent and head out on a beautiful drive to the park and sleep among the bears. 

4. Pan for GOLD!

The gold rush ain't over folks!!
Yes that's right I found GOLD! 
It is quite the thrill to spot a flake of gold! 
At $1000 an ounce, a flake has got to net about $1 or 2...right?
Just need a river and a pan and you got a very fun free activity that just might net you some riches!

 5. River Walk
We have a wonderful scenic river walk through our town......Stopping and throwing a few rocks in the river is my son's FAVORITE thing to do.
6. Visit a Park
Have you visited a park lately?
Watching everyone play, run, skip and jump is such a joy. We have many beautiful parks in our town even one with an ice cream stand and only $1 for a cone! You could probably find that under the swings making your ice cream FREE!
I don't think I've ever visited a park I didn't like! 

7.Fall Pumpkin Patch
Right now the fields are being prepared to plant pumpkin seeds! 
So come September and October we can visit the Pumpkin Patch  and enjoy FREE hayrides, cider, cookies and romps through the pumpkin patch. 
Oh and you can pet (or get eaten by) the farm animals....
We visit every weekend in the fall! 

8. Build a Snowman, Sled or Ski
Here in Wyoming we get SNOW! Lots and lots of SNOW!
In fact we just had snow last week and it's MAY!! 
I grew up in Texas and even in my 40's I still admire and LOVE the snow...  
In winter you can build a snowman, take a ride in a sled or ski!

9. Trail End State Historic Manson

The Trail End State Historic Site in Sheridan has an elegant aspect of Wyoming's history. 

The 13,748 square foot mansion has free days and free admission always for kids and it's just really neat inside.

10. Historic Main Street
Explore the historic downtown via the town trolley or walk and experience all the unique specialty, western and art shops and the over 46 buildings listed on the National Register. 

Find more info about Sheridan, Wyoming HERE 
I enjoyed sharing my TOWN! 

You can also share your town or city and link up your post on May 31st....
So stop by C.R.A.F.T  and join the FUN!


Frozen.Sunshine said...

We moved to Laramie, WY this past December and are looking forward to getting to know this state better. Thanks for sharing some great recommendations of things to do! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE free things. :)

InMyOwnStyle said...

HI Michell-

Thanks for the wonderful tour of your state. I have always wanted to go to WY but have never had the chance yet. Your photos make me feel like I am there - it is beautiful and the air looks so fresh and clean. What a great place to live.

My best- Diane

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