Holy COW! Let's make a Halloween Costume!

 Sharing an edited post from last year:

 My little Cow!
This is my son Rains last year at 14 months old....
and he was the cutest cow I've ever seen~!

I had soooo much FUN making this little costume for him...
Here's what I used:
1 1/2 yards of white fur
black fabric paint
pink and white felt
cow bell

Sure....I could have spend $10 at Wal-mart and bought a cow costume...
but what FUN is that....
Nothing beats the fun of  Handmade!
I couldn't find any cow print that I liked...so I painted my own!
Plus it's cold here and I needed fabric that would keep my boy warm
on his search for CANDY!
I cut out my pattern pieces after the paint dried.
I only used the lamb pattern pieces.
I don't have a sewing machine so I just whip stitched everything together.
Fur is very forgiving and I didn't have to hem or fuss to much with the little details of the pattern.
Add a cow bell on some ribbon......
2 white felt horns and a braided yarn cow tail....
and you get the cutest COW ever!

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Karan said...

Great job. He is just adorable. Bet he got lots of goodies with his smile.


At The Picket Fence said...

So seriously adorable Michell!! We are all about homemade costumes at our house too and I miss those days when they were willing to dress up like a cow. Pretty sure my 8 year old won't let me make that for him this year! LOL!
Great job and thanks for sharing it this week at Inspiration Friday!

Michelle said...

Wow! Very cute and adorable baby. I really like it. The photos are great and the costume was fantastic. Big thanks for sharing.

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