A Fitness Challenge and Fund Raiser! PLEASE help me reach my Goal

I am a St. Jude Warrior!

I am on a weight loss journey!
I started getting fit back in December and started eating healthy mid January...
I am DOWN 20lbs but have about 40 more pounds to go.....
I can't wait to share the dramatic before and after
when I reach my weight goal.

Right now I have another goal and I need HELP

I am attending a Fitness Challenge in Hawaii next month that also raises money to Help St. Judes!
It is a WIN WIN!

'The Warrior Dash  is the world's largest running series. Where 12 obstacles from hell await you along this 3.01 mile course!!'

When I was first ask to do this....I thought:
"NO! Way! I am overweight, out of shape, old {40's} and on a tight budget!
 I could NEVER do something like that yet alone afford it!"  

After thinking more about it...I decided that I CAN do it and those thoughts are all just excuses! PLUS I get to help a great organization! Sick children are heart wrenching...I know first hand because my grandson received a new heart back in September.

Check this out! This is a 'free' trip for me so I will be matching the total donations I receive!
{unless it's in the millions of coarse! LOL}

Can you believe a roundtrip ticket from Denver to Honolulu was only $540!
 Yep! 3 months of blogging pays for the fare.....
I donate plasma twice a week at a local center for $250 a month and that paid for my fitness challenge fees and spending money...
I am staying with a friend. So I will just need to make and bring a fabulous gift:-0 {ideas are welcome}

So the only thing I really need to do now is raise my fundraiser goal....

I would LOVE your help. If I can get 250 people to donate $1...
I reach my goal!!!!

Visit Michell Kaul's Page  to donate and see my progress

Can you spare a buck and spread the word for me..
I can't wait to share this experience with you

Thank you!


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