Where to buy stamps so YOU can make Beautiful Jewelry

I am sharing a ‘How To Stamp’ segment on a local station next week…and I’ve been having a blast stamping up some items to show.
Did you know that Hobby Lobby recently started carrying stamps?!

I can’t tell you how excited I am…..
I have shared stamping posts HERE and HERE.
I have purchased plain font cheap stamps from Harbor Freight, Ace Hardware and Menard’s and honestly they all kinda suck!
This set is from Harbor Freight for around $7 but after a few uses they flatten out….plus it’s just a plain font…nothing fancy.
This set from Menard’s is a little bit better and has held up…I like that it’s a bigger font. This set is around $10. They are nice to have for when you want to change up the font and sizes in the same project.
NOTHING compares to my Beaducation stamp set!
If you have plans to sale at craft fairs or open an Etsy shop, THIS is the place to buy your stamps.
These stamps sink like butter into anything, even heavy washers. Check out the site..they even offer FREE online classes.
I wanted to stamp for a friends wedding and splurged on a set from Beaducation. It is an awesome set BUT at over $100 I can’t afford to buy many sizes or fonts for just my hobby stamping as gifts…..
This Hobby Lobby set is so affordable at $19.99 and you can sign up for their updates and receive the 40% off coupon.
They sell 2 sizes 2mm and 3mm in upper and lower cases and 2 choices of pretty fonts.
They even sell a nice little Steel Block that you need for stamping on….
I have been using a giant bulky ugly anvil from the hubby’s shop!
To stamp you will need:
  • Stamps
  • Steel Block
  • Blanks
  • Hammer
  • Sharpie
  • Alcohol Wipes
I also always have a washer or a practice blank to stamp on to check my letter placement….with fancy fonts it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between an ‘e’ and an ‘a’ or which side is up. So a quick stamp on a practice blank will save you a lot of time and frustration.
Most often I just eyeball what I stamp but for a piece with a lot of words I will use a sharpie so I can see spacing and if it will all fit.
This is the smaller 2mm lowercase stamps from Hobby Lobby.
After you get it all stamped, just color letters with a sharpie and wipe clean with rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes.
Add a charm and necklace and you have an adorable gift to give someone you love!
If you are looking for design stamps like this double heart or maybe some baby feet or a flower....then
Beaducation is the place to find it! 
This is the uppercase 3mm from Hobby Lobby.
This is the upper and lower case 3mm stamps from Hobby Lobby.
The font is a little different than the 2mm.
These are my awesome Kismet numbers from Beaducation.
This is my  Kismet lowercase Beaducation set that will stamp on ANYTHING!
Don't forget it's Teacher Appreciation Week! 

What will YOU stamp??

Thank you so much for stopping by!!
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Liz said...

I really love necklaces! I want to try this myself! Thanks for sharing! Liz

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

How fun!!! I bought a stamp set somewhere ( I can't remember ) but it is really hard to make the letter show up ~ Thank you so much for all of your awesome advice!!
LOVE Hobby Lobby!!

JewelryByJaws.com said...

Great Blog and great stamp tutorial. I must add, for inexpensive and a BUNCH of decorative stamps, go to ImpressArt.com. They have free s/h on a $20.00 order... that's all, $20.00. Hobby Lobby is a fun place to shop too.

Kendall said...

Love this post -- thank you so much for sharing! Can't wait to make my own necklace!!


Michelle Scobell said...

I have been wanted this stamp set for awhile now. You have given me a lot of inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

Beth said...

I have been wanting to try my hand at this technique, but yes, the good stamps cost so much! I did NOT know Hobby Lobby now carries them. Thanks for all the good information!

I don't want to make jewelry, the craft shows around here are so over crowded with jewelry vendors. I want to make accent pieces for my other crafts.

Aunt B said...

Great information. Thanks for sharing it.

KCoake said...

That looks really neat! I have never tried it, but you make it look fun and easy. My first visit to your blog. I was a flight attendant as well...now at home mom! :-)
Thanks for sharing your passion!

Kimberly Sminkey said...

Great post! I've been looking around my area and have not seen these pop up in the stores yet. I so want to give it a whirl myself! Thanks for sharing your tutorial too!

Tina said...

I love the spoon! You have so many talents! I've been reading your blog for a few months now and love it, by the way. And I love that you are a Wyoming gal. I'm from Cheyenne. :-)

bohemiannie! art said...

Very informative and I love the samples you showed for using them! My hubby has a set...and I have spoons.

little-d-tales said...

Thank you...I've been wanting to learn how to do this. LOVE your post. I might have jump on this and make a few things :)

Emily said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I've tried stamping a few times, but I could only find a set locally at Harbor Freight. I gave up pretty fast since 1) it didn't work well and 2) Holy arm pain, Batman! I might have to make a run to Hobby Lobby soon and check these out!

Nancy Pudlo said...

Thanks so much for your continued support of Beaducation! We're big fans of your blog too!

Here's a link for your readers to our Stamped Jewelry info page...tons of great tips, tricks and info.


-Nancy from Beaducation

Ginger said...

Featuring YOU today! Thanks for the awesome tips! :)

Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.com


Caryn said...

Can you tell us where, like which department, the stamps are in at HL? I have looked and can't seem to find them! Thanks so much!

Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing! I have had a set from Harbor Freight for eons but haven't done much with them. Seen the ones on Beaducation a little bit ago on Pinterest but had NO idea Hobby Lobby has them now =) Might have to get back in the habit of making them for family Christmas presents.

Visiting from 504 Main

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle

I love your necklaces - what size hammer have you been using for the stamping? I don't have access to hobby lobby because I live in Canada but luckily they have online shopping.

The Kismet stamps are some of my favourite.

Stop by and check out my blog at http://intolerabledollhouse.com/


Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

You are featured on my blog today! Stop by and grab a button, if you like! :)

augcott said...

Oh crap! I just bought the "cheap" set at Harbor Freight for $7.00 ..... didn't want to spend a whole lot until I'm sure that I'll enjoy doing this ....

holbear said...

I just returned my stamp set from harbor freight when I found them at hobby lobby. I like their fonts much more than just plain block. You can find them in the aisle with beads and charms. They're next to all the other craft tools. I can't wait to start my project! Making necklaces with a swarovski crystal and monogramed initials for each of my bridesmaids.

Keeping My Cents said...

Could you tell me where you got the camera charm?


Kelly said...

where have you found the best value/prices for metal blanks/washers to stamp on, also where is the best value for charms and birthstones to apply to necklaces that you have hand stamped. thanks, your blog is awesome.

Beth Basher said...

I also in need of finding good the best deals for this hobby I am starting. Please advise

Ice Dragon said...

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