As seen on T.V.~Me!

Back in February, I was ask to do a DIY segment on my
local News station!

O.K. I will admit I freaked a little.
What will I wear? How will I look? How will I sound? OMG! I only have my skinny pictures on EVERYONE will see my weight gain plus 10 lbs the camera adds!!

Well, I wasn't about to let all my fears stop me from an amazing opportunity to share tutorials! 

My sweet friend Roshanda Pratt who once worked in Media called me with a bit of really helped to set my nerves at ease, what to wear and how to prepare.

Would YOU like to get into Media??

Roshanda started up a Facebook page
R.E.P Communications Network LLC 
and she offers wonderful tips for getting started in Media.

She also offers affordable services to help you make the leap from
social media to T.V.!
Check out her website and MORE tips HERE

I do a segment about twice a month.....
I will say I'm not a natural on T.V. but I feel so blessed for the opportunity that I'm not about to say NO!

Here is my latest segment.....ENJOY!

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