A Sock Monkey Hat and a Giveaway

I found this pattern from another blogger and I still can't believe I MADE A SOCK MONKEY HAT!! It was so easy to make and turned out awesome. Well my hubby thinks they also look like Bear Hats. So whatever you're in the mood for I guess:-)

Thank you Da Ah Diddy for sharing this pattern! Stop by and check her out she made a pattern for Adults, Children and Babies. She also shares lots of other ideas!

I changed the pattern up a tiny bit, I like a smaller mouth and I found that after my son wore it just a few hours it was stretched out around the bottom. So the next few I made, I added elastic sewing thread to the last 2 rows. This worked really well for a perfect fit!

{I no longer use this method and now use a front/back double crochet post to finish the hat}

I made 2 styles  Brown and Tan using 100% cotton.  I used a Red that is more true to the sock monkey color and Burnt Sienna.

Girl and Boy Infant Hats and a Baby/Toddler Hat

Warm Brown/Red
(Sugar'n Cream)
Taupe/Burnt Sienna
(I LOVE this Cotton!)

I love our matching Monkey Hats!
These are the first few I made before the kinks were all worked.
Brown/Burnt Sienna
( I LOVE this Cotton!)



Catie said...

SO cute!!! You know, you could also crochet some small discs for the eyes if you're concerned about the buttons. But then, anything smallish that can come off can choke baby. I wish people would just use their own common sense. Bad me, I just have them in my Etsy shop with no warning! :) Thanks for the link back to my blog! :)

Andrea (ace1028) said...

OH SO ADORABLE! I love the one you are wearing - the dark brown. SO cute. :) I'm not a fan of buttons on babies, but on the hat is not so bad. Yeah, I guess you could use a pattern where you could put some felt or something on there instead, right?

I'd easily pay like $10 for this hat. Seriously. SO cute. Maybe even more. Certainly more for the adult version!!!

ggmsmolly said...

I love the brown hat and if the buttons are sewn on really well, I'd not be overly concerned about them coming off. I would pay $15 for one at a craft sale. It is really adorable.

Jenn said...

I love the light colored hat. I think that you could charge $18.00. I think button are fine as long as you keep an eye on them. Happy day, Jenn

Sheena Kocher said...

I'd have to say that the dark colored one is my favorite, but you already knew that ;)

I'd think that about $10-15 is reasonable to ask for at a craft show.

Buttons, like you said in your post, since it is "clothing," I don't think it would be a problem. Elijah has several outfits with buttons on them. I'm not sure though on what others think.

Julia said...

Ok, I found you thru MBC... i'm a new follower and I love your blog! I got into crocheting about a year ago, so this is right up my alley. plus, i am so stinkin' in love with sock monkeys... i used to make them and sell them!! the hats are awesome!

ok. #1, i like the dark one.
#2, i was going to say $20 (maybe online or an etsy shop) but i agree that $15 is good for a craft fair. think of how long it takes you to make. if it takes 2 hours, that's about $7.50 an hour.
#3, i don't think it's a big deal. kids won't be sleeping in it and you would be watching them when they are wearing it outside or whatever. as always, you can just have a little sign with the hat that has a "disclaimer" that says something like "as always, please supervise your child with the buttons and make sure they are fastened securely."

I hope i win, this is awesome!


Eco-Snipits said...

I love the dark brown ones that you and the babe are both wearing. Super cute!!!
Maybe $15 for the little one and $25 for the adults would be a good price for the craft fair. At 10 and 20 I think they'd be flying off the table!!
As for the buttons, you could always put something on the tag like not to be worn unsupervised in kids under 3 because the buttons are a choking hazard...Something like that. I mean these obviously aren't toys.
Good luck, these are absolutely aodrable!!
By the way, became a follower!!
pjkmitchell at hotmail dot com

Opinions of a Moody Mama said...

I love the Brown/Burnt Sienna colors! I would not put buttons on baby hats, but I think they would be fine for child-adult size hats. I would expect to pay $10-$15 depending on the size. Very, very cute! Thanks for the chance!


Amamndna said...

I love the dark brown one. I would worry a little bit about the buttons but if there on there good it should be ok. I think Kid and Adult sizes would be great and would price around $10.00

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What an adorable child! So cute in his sock monkey hat...his mommy looks cute too! Warnings..well... :) IF you decide against a warning on the hat itself...tie them on in a good knot with yarn. They are cute and lots of work but probably you probably won't get your time back from them. I didn't. Price? Wow..depends on so much. The area you live in, the economic times we are in, just so much. Trial and error I guess. Try a price and if they don't seem to sell...lower it. :) I am not a lot of help, am I?
Hugs and good luck!

Anonymous said...

I like the light brown one as well.

At least charge for what you pay in materials. That's how my mom charges for any of her plastic canvas art that she does. Then of course you may get more that way because some people would be willing to be even more for your time as well.

Buttons on a baby hat. I wouldn't because even if they are big, the baby might be able to get it off somehow and then bam! right in the mouth.

jenny spencer said...

i loooove the hats, the monkey ones are so adorable. I would say to sell them for 10 bucks I would also day NO buttons on the baby hat for safety reasons. good luck

tracyo said...

My favorite is the warm brown and red hat. Oh my gosh, they are all so cute! You have the talent!!
For a craft fair, I'd probably say your best bet is to ask $10 for the baby hat and $12 for an older child's hat. But , the amount of work you go through....wow! On a place like ETSY, you could probably ask around $20 with no problems.
Buttons on a baby' or small child's hat....I'd have to say no. I would worry too much and be scared to death that it would be a chocking hazard. Maybe try felt pieces sewn on, it would be alot safer.

Best of luck to you!! Thanks for the great contest :O)

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I like the chocolate colored one! For some reason I already thought I was a follower of your blog, apparently I wasn't, but I am now! I have only been to one craft fair show, so I would be totally stumped on how to price it! And my little one has a ton of knitted sweaters with buttons, so I don't think they are a problem. Cute idea for a giveaway! This is a fun site! (I also am going to write about this under "My Promotions" tag on my blog!

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

absolutely adorable! You did a great job on these cuties! I hopped over from the "I'm a Creative Cat" party and am so happy that I did. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day soon when you get a moment. until later...

Coloradolady said...

These are cute!!! I think that a label would be good enough, surely parents have enough brains to not let a child chew on the hat! I love the dark brown one too, so cute!

Sherry said...

Warm Brown/Red
(Sugar'n Cream) is my favorite. I think my grand-daughter would love it (and I know her mother would let her wear it since she loves monkeys herself.) I think you could easily sell them for $10-15 at a craft fair. I think buttons are ok for babies hats, as long as they are very well secured, they have buttons on some of their other clothing.

Alicia said...

I LOVE THESE HATS!! I like the dark brown. Reminds me of the sock monkey I had as a child! My daughter got a sock monkey for Christmas, and loves it! I think buttons are fine, just as long as they are snug. I would sell the child size hats for 10-15 dollars, and the adult for 20-25. I bet you'll make a fortune!

canngil said...

What a clever idea! did you ever see the sock monkey dress on the internet???
Brown/Burt Sienna for color
I would say about $10-12 for the baby hats, about $15 for adult size.
The buttons are a bit of a problem for the very little. You can use some the lighter colored yarn and embroider the eyes, a chain stitch on the surface of the hat. start in the middle, and go around and around. It shouldn't be too difficult to get the eyes reasonably even. then do that stitch in the center to get the sewn button effect! don't do the buttons.

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

so cute! love them all! The price at the craft fair just depends...I've done a craft fair where people wanted a great deal and then I did one a little more upscale and sold the same things for more money. I wouldn't think twice about the buttons if I was going to buy one...but it's better to be safe than sorry and cover all your bases!

Anonymous said...

hi! if you were to sell them at a craft fair or on etsy, i would sell the baby sized ones for $7-10 & the adult sized ones for $10-15.. but of course i know nothing about the sort of time that went into making them, that's how i usually base the prices for the jewelry + artwork i make..

& in regards to buttons another alternative for cute eyes could be some felt circles & you could even make them look like "buttons" w/ little dots of puff-paint..

& my fave color? def the darker brown ones!

PS: your son is SO ADORABLE! ~:-]

~ EJ

Megdar said...

Love the hats, they are super cute!
I Think the buttons are ok as long as they are sewn on really well and maybe knotted more than once but just to cover your butt a warning is probably a good idea. You could probably get between $15-$20 per hat the smaller ones being the least expensive and the biggest the most. I love all the colors although it seems like the dark brown is the most popular.

Stacia Sanders said...

I really like the old-school, dark brown sock monkey hat. :) But I've seen different colored sock monkeys in the stores lately (light and navy blue, lavender and purple, pink and fuschia) so you could really get creative with these!
As for how much to sell them for, how much time did you say you're putting into them? I agree with Megdar, I'd probably pay between $15-$20 for these, but if you want to price them to sell, maybe jump down to $10-$15. Everybody loves a "steal"! Especially when it's super cute.
As for buttons, we have a sock monkey jack-in-the-box, and he only has black thread eyes, so I'd go as far as to say don't use buttons at all. I realize kids are probably just wearing these in the cold, going in, taking them off, but I can imagine a bad scenario with a rear-facing seat where a parent wouldn't be watching the baby...

wondermop said...

i love the brown one and i'd probably pay 10 for it. buttons are ok, as long as they're sewn on securely and mama watches them to make sure they don't come loose.

Kelly said...

1. Which hat is your favorite? Out of the 3 pictured, I love the one in the middle. It's red with dark brown.
2. How much should I sell it for at the craft fair? I think $15-20 for adult sizes, and $10-15 for childrens' sizes is fair.
3. What are your thoughts about buttons on a Baby's Hat? I think as long as the child is supervised and not allowed to chew on them, it should be ok.

Amanda said...

I love the dark brown hats with the red on them. I would pay $10 - $15 for one at a craft fair. As long as they are sewn on tightly, I have no problem with buttons on my baby's clothing.


Emilie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emilie said...

I really like the dark brown with red. I've paid $25 for a high quality knit hat on etsy but they were for every day. I would say $15-$20 for a child's hat but then again, you need to also think of your time and materials.

As far as buttons, I'm no help at all. Anything could really be a chocking hazard. I think a warning should be sufficient but I don't really know.

Good luck and I'm a follower of your blog.

Thanks for linking up on my blog!

Tara Rison said...

These are so stinkin' cute! Love them!

I think $15-20 is a reasonable price range.

I like the dark brown best.

About the buttons ~ I would just attach a warning. As a mom, I would have no problem with it.

ann said...

I love them! I love sock monkeys so much!

cloutierjn said...

I really like the one with pink in it...I have a little girl:) I would pay around $10 for the childs size hat. I am not big on buttons on a little ones clothes but on a hat I am ok with it.

Childstar said...

I love the adult hat
Sell for no more than 10 dollars. Or mark it up 3 times from what it cost you to make
No buttons, just something else

The Queen Of Free said...

I follow your blog!

The brown with the red top is my favorite. You could sell them for $20 at a craft fair! The buttons may pull off! You could just stitch eyes on it instead!

jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

kbrooks said...

I love the darker brown and red. I think a warrning label would be fine. I would sell them 15-25 depending on the size....They are awesome!

Tawny said...

I think the darker brown one with blue accent is darling. I sell things at craft shows too, and know how much work goes into making things like this, so I would say you would have to set a price that fits the amount of time it takes to make. I usually try to double the cost of supplies and add some for labour. Does that make sense? And I think the buttons would be OK as long as there is tons of stitching holding them on. Baby hats are not for chewing anyway!

Heather said...

love the mother and baby matching hats. wonderful. No contest entry. Thanks.

Tammy said...

These are SO CUTE! :oD I like the warm brown with pink. I think these would go for $10 or $15 at a craft fair, easily. I would buy a hat with buttons on it, and make sure myself that they are securely fastened, but I can see why some might not want the buttons. Suggestion: Make some with buttons, and some with crocheted rounds for eyes. Offer both kinds at the fair, and let people get what they want. Good luck! :o)

bridget3420 said...

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Hope you will do the same:

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Follow me on Twitter @bridget3420 and I will do the same

Barbara said...

I LOVE these! I have always been a huge fan of the beloved sock monkey!
1 ~ Hard to choose which is my favorite, but I think I am leaning the most towards the warm brown/red.
2 ~ Oh I think you could easily get anywhere from $10 to $15 for these. You probably could ask even more, but a lot of people are on a budget, so they may not go above the $15 mark.
3 ~ Buttons are a touchy subject with small ones. I think they would probably be alright, but so many little ones pull their hats off, and a button may call to them "chew on me" and we know little ones they really enjoy putting everything and anything in their mouths! :)

Tyler Gilmore said...

I like the red and brown ones.
You should easily get $10 each but I would sell them in a pair (mom and baby) for $18.
Has for the buttons, just make sure they are securly attached, of a quality that can not be easily broken and that there are no loose threads. I would also attach a warning to the item asking the purchaser to regularly check the conditions of the theading and buttons and that failure to do so may lead to a choking hazzard.
Good luck, it looks like a great and cute product.

Anonymous said...

#1 I love all of them you could even make the tops pink or purple to be for just girls or even make them out of multi-color yarn.
#2 I think you should atleast get $20 for them but i would pay alot more for one because hand made stuff last longer and is much better quality and made with love for the craft.
#3 I think buttons are fine on hates. Its not like people are letting there child play with the hat unattended. So as long as they are stitched on good then it should be fine. Young children wear clothes with buttons on them so i dont see a difference.

Anonymous said...

I love the tan ones! They do look like Monkeys-forget ur husbands ideas! I think u could het $15 easy for these. The little one should wear them not eat them! Thats what parents are for....watching them!

momtoem said...

I'm a follower!
1. I like the brown/pink hat
2. You should sell them for $10 or $15 at a craft fair
3. As long as the buttons are securely attached to the hat I think that's fine


Emmi said...

I love these! I think sugar and cream is my favorite but it was hard to decide.

I think $10 or $15 is a good price. Or go between and say $13...LOL

I don't really like buttons on babies' hats but my kids never had a problem with them. Just as long as they are on there good, you're fine.

Great giveaway!


SkiptomyLou said...

Too Cute!

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

Forgot to say that I am a follower now!
I definitely love the dark brown ones! These are just too cute (in any color or size)! As for the price, I guess it would depend on the time it takes to make them *shrugs* if they are quick and easy, $10-$15 if they are really difficult & time consuming $20? (I don't crochet so this is just a total shot in the dark!)
As for buttons on baby hats, to cover your own butt I would say no OR make sure you have a little "disclaimer" attached to them saying "use only under strict supervision of an adult"...I never had problems with my kids and buttons, but some people would sue in a heartbeat if their baby/toddler found a way to pop the button off (even if the child wasn't harmed). just my 2 cents (and maybe a couple more thrown in for good measure)!
Thank you so much for the chance to win a set of these! My dd and I would definitely rock them! :)
SweetAsSodiePop at gmail dot com

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

How cute are those matching hats! I want a pair! Just came across your blog & am loving it. I have a MckLinky party called Tot Tuesdays. I’d love it if you’d stop by & share some of your great ideas for tots:



samsstuff said...

So cute!
I like the dark brown & red one best & I wouldn't think that somewhere between $15 - $20 would be at all unfair, hats sometimes sell for more in stores & considering the time to make...I'd say $15 might even be a bit low. As far as the buttons go, I don't know for certain, but these look huge & may not present a hazard, but a warning label would not be a bad idea, in any case. I think these would sell great!

Jus and Kat said...

My favorite hat is the warm brown with the pink.
I would sell it for AT LEAST $12 each. I don't mind buttons on baby hats, as long as I can be comfortable that the buttons are secure. We don't usually leave our daughter alone with accessories like that on anyway.

natalee said...

I love your blog!! following fromfff mbc!!!!

lovemylevi said...

Which hat is your favorite? I cant pick, I love both!!!
How much should I sell it for at the craft fair? I would pay up to $20!
What are your thoughts about buttons on a Baby's Hat? We've never had an issue with our LO, I would say just to include a warning on the tag!
These are TOOOO cute!
pprice3 at emich dot edu

melissatreolo said...

I love the darker hat!
So VERY cute~ I would love to see my 2 boys wearing them!
Price at a craft sale? I would say at $10 for kids and $15 for adults you will sell them quickly! If you want to make a little more profit per hat, but maybe not sell as many then I would say $13-18 for kids and $18-23 for adults.
As for the buttons I would hope parents would have comonsense. however a warning should cover any liabilty. Also I have a sock monkey someone made for me that has little round crocheted (or maybe knitted?) eyes, it kind of looked like a little doilie, and another with eye made by just stitching over kind of like 2 x's on top of each other to make a star type shape. I hope this helps!

Rockin Momma said...

I'm a new Tuesday Follower! Visit me at http://www.rockindeals4you.com/?p=1398 and sign up for my newest giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Please indicate that you are participating in the link party at bobbypins boardwalk. This is required in order to display your link on my blog. Thank you

Buki Family said...

i like the Brown/Burnt Sienna one... would be cute to put my two boys in matching hats! as for the buttons, maybe see how it looks with a button that has 4 holes so you can sew an X in the middle and its just a little bit stronger on there. For the price, I would sell them (child size) at $20, but then mark them on sale for $15 so that they sell fast and then the buyer feels like they got a good deal since they didnt pay full price. sneaky but it works.

4 Lettre Words said...

I think the buttons are fine...with the warning/reminder. For price, I'm thinking $12 for babies and $16 for adults.

Super cute in the dark brown!!

4 Lettre Words said...

I'm a new follower!!

Anonymous said...

These are honestly the cutest little hats I've ever seen. Maybe because of the cute little model???!!! What a wonderfully creative project. Thank you for sharing it on the Boardwalk Bragfest!

Kristina said...

Hi, I am a new follower. I love the hats you made. I think the dark brown and red ones are the best. As for the buttons I would maybe crochet some disks and then sew them on to the hat. Otherwise most of the requirements for items with babies is that they are big enough for the baby not to swallow. Also, I know that candy like LifeSavers get around the swallowing hazard because they have a big hole in the middle so they would still be able to breath if swallowed. Anyway, too much information.... :)
As for a price, I would pay $15-$25 dollars for the hat.

Domestic Diva said...

I like the Brown/Burnt Sienna. I think crocheted disks are better than buttons for babies. And as for price, it depends on where you're located. If you're selling in an upscale place, you might be able to get $25, otherwise, I'd say $15-20.

Thrifty Jenny said...

What a wonderful giveaway!
1)Which hat is your favorite?
They are all so sweet...but I like the dark brown with the light eyes like you are wearing in the picture with your son the best.
2)How much should I sell it for at the craft fair?
I think $15 for the baby/toddler size and up to $20 for the adult size is reasonable, you need to calculate the amount of time you put into the projects to come up with the best price.
3)What are your thoughts about buttons on a Baby's Hat?
On my own children's clothes I avoid buttons because they both like to chew on things, even more than the average kid...but some parents would not worry about it for their children and they are very cute with the buttons, so I think if you can do some of both (button eyes and crochet eyes) you would maximize your market!

J. L. W. said...

First, I SOOO love these hats.
1. I love the brown one with the brown eyes.
2. I would say sell them at $12 for the infant and $15 and up for the adult.
3. I think the buttons would be fine. I think you should probably cover all your bases though and add a warning though just to be on the safe side. If you are really worried, you might be able to crochet/knit little circles and sew them on instead.

If I don't win, I would definitely be interested in buying one!!!They are to cute!!!

By the way, have an award at my site for you.

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Your little guy looks adorable in his... as do you! Thanks for sharing, Theresa

Nicole said...

1...the blue or red are cute for a boy
2...$15 is good...if u go to places like gymboree these hats of this kind are $15
3...If u watch your child as much as i do, buttons are fine, but there are some people who dont watch there kids, then it would be a hazard....nicole elissami

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for visiting my site!
OMG! Those hats are so cute! And the little model is so handsome!
I'm following your fabulous blog :)

1. I really love the warm brown/red hat
2. I think between $10 - $15 is a great price
3. I'm not a huge fan of buttons on baby's things, but that's just my opinion.

talonsmom731 at gmail dot com

ChatterScene.com said...

love them what a great job:)

Misty said...

Oh...how great! If I could sew...I would be dangerous!!! I would love to win...I love sock moneys!!! Good job! Hope you don't mind adding me as a new follower/blog buddy! I love it!

ashley said...

I love these!!! SOOO CUTE. My favorite is the monkey with a pink hat I love that color pink its adorable. I would pay $15-$20 for one of these. I agree with most of people about the buttons, I could just see my little girl trying to pull the buttons off. Im a follower :)

Anastasia said...

My favorite is the toddler/infant baby girl hat.

I think I would spend 24.99 on the infant, 29.99 for the larger hats. Beautiful!

I think the buttons are great and as long as they are in the front and not where a baby would lean on them if they fell asleep, they are perfect. However, they would have to be on there VERY well in case a babe decides to pull it off and put it in their mouth.


MelissaStuff said...

I like these . . . and I think my newborn baby boy would be adorable in it.

I'm a cheap skate so I would probably expect these to be $12.99 or $14.99 for them.

Buttons don't bother me. My babies never chew on their hats.

SH said...

I think the buttons are fine as long as the parent pays attention. I don't know anything thing about the price of yarn so i'll say 14.99 . I like the warm brown and red too cute
bargainfun1 at yahoo

Melissa said...

aw i'd love to win one of these for my daughter!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

i follow you on twitter!!!

Melissa said...

im a follower!

Melissa said...

i followed you on facebook!

Melissa said...

im a facebook friend..i requested you..i really want this!!!!!!

Melissa said...

i really wanna win a brown one!

Chocolate Sundaes said...

These are SO cute! I love the brown one. I'd love for you to link up over here http://iheartnaptime.blogspot.com/2010/04/sundae-scoop-link-party.html

Amber said...

These hats are so cute. :) We don't have kids, but my bubby has a little thing for monkeys so he would totally love these! I love hats that look like little animals, monkeys, mice, kittens. They're always cute! I prefer the brown over the white for the sock monkey hat though. I think $10 - $15 would be a reasonable price for them. Buttons on baby items make me very nervous. These buttons look big-ish though, so hopefully they would be noticed quickly. :)


Staceybug said...

I love the
Warm Brown/Red
(Sugar'n Cream)

I think $15-$20 is a good price.

I love the buttons on baby hats as long as they are secure. Honestly as long as the parent is watching the little one in the hat... it shouldn't be a problem


The Autocrat: Haley said...

Oh I NEED one of these!! LOL They are soooo freakin' cute!! Do I have to choose?? I like them all. I think you should sell the small one for $13 and the adult one for $23. Umm I am not the right person to ask about buttons (I do not have children) I am assuming you might not want to have them, maybe a piece of fabric or felt. Thanks for the chance to win!

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