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The best thing I ever did last year was sign up for Swagbucks!

In fact I only started my blog to share all the FREE stuff I get from searching the web with swagbucks instead of google.

I earn a digital dollar that I can then use in the swagstore the buy all kinds of wonder items.... My favorite item to buy is GIFT CARDS. I buy Pay Pal gift cards and Amazon gift cards.

This year I was able to buy Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, home items and toys and clothes for my growing boy....ALL for FREE!

Yes I know it sounds crazy but trust me....As a busy crafty mommy,I don't have time to waste on anything else...I stick with what works!

You can see last year I spent $88,089 in the swagstore!
That's over $1000 in gift cards in a year!

And see my FREE Wii under the Christmas tree??

Paid for with Gift Cards I bought in the Swagstore!

So make sure you sign up HERE and start earning so you too can have a great FREE Christmas in 2011 on Swagbucks!


Bella said...

Are you for real girl, I don't know why I'm such a sceptic, are you searching all day long to get that many points, or what????

You know, I can't say that I would not be happy with FREE stuff, so I'm off to investigate. I've seen this before, BUT never broken down like you did, AMAZING,,, I will take your word and hope it works for me too, he he.

Thanks for letting us know.

Bella :)

Melissa said...

I have heard of Swagbucks, but never tried it. I will definitely look at it.

Glenda said...

I joined a while back but had not ever figured out how all it works now you have me scratching my head going I wonder if I could do that as I would Love to have Christmas paid for.

Clayton Thomas said...

OK I am curious about Swagbucks. We'll see how it goes.



rainbowcreek said...

All of my etsy group was doing SB last year and I was skeptical too, until I heard them talking about all the free Christmas gifts they bought. Now I am definitely IN and saving for next year. Just curious how you managed to score that many SB's. Did you do a lot of the deals and surveys? I have been on for about 2 weeks and only have 570 points so far, and one $10 AGC from another deal I hooked up with from SB. It is fun trying though!

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