Easy Peasy St Patty's Day Craft

Here's a easy peasy way to decorate for St. Patty's Day.

This is just the average Playdough Recipe 
and then baked at the lowest setting to harden.
I didn't have a 4 leaf clover so I used a heart cookie cutter
to make my clover. 
Use a straw to make a hole if you plan to hang it.

This is the extent of my St. Patty decor.......
For my boy I used a food pen to write before I baked it....We'll add this to his alphabet wall for the month of March
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AnneMarie said...
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Suzanne said...

That's a fun project. Thanks.

Bloggerdise said...

That certainly is easy peasy. BTW if you're interested I'd love for you to join my blog/review/sponsor community at bloggerdise.com

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