Look What I Made Yesturday!!!!!!!

A Tree Book Shelf!!!
Oh I'm way to impatient to finish this project before I share....
 I am LOVING it!
It will soon be the new home of all my cookbooks.
 This project was made with leftover lumber.
I will share the finished project in a tutorial this week....stay tuned.


KatieBug said...

Girl...YOU GO! I love that. I've seen them before but I'm not sure if they bought them or made them... Looks great!

Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

you are so creative... can't wait for the tutorial. Love it

Emily said...

that is adorable!

Kayleen said...

Way cool.

Jenn said...

What a great idea, looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Ditto I can't wait for the tutorial either, I'm getting my office back soon(I've been sharing w/husband) this would look so cool in their for some of my knick knacks, and gardening books etc.

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