New Etsy Shop Items!!!

 Xylophone Wall Art ~ $20
 Decorative Repurposed Lightbulb~$15
 Meat Markers~$6
Garden Markers~$6

I am making new items for a booth at my local farmers market
and updating my Etsy shop......

and for all you crafty people out there.....
I will be writing up tutorials this week for each item so you too can make a gift or sell in your area:-)


c.w.frosting said...

how cute! love the light bulb & meat markers. looking forward to the tutorials!

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

DogpackMOMMA said...

You have such creative & useful projects. Thanks for sharing.

craftykat said...

I can't wait to see the tutorials- we're trying to come up with stamped metal markers for planted herbs this spring for a MOPS craft. We bought steel stamp sets from Harbor Freight this year and want to find more ways to use them. Yours are fabulous!! :)

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