Why Can't I Dig Through The Neighbor's Trash????


I wanted to tell eveyone about COKE REWARDS and how easy it is to get points and FREE stuff.

Go to http://www.mycokerewards.com/ and sign up. Then whenever you get a code from a coke product you can just text it to 2653 and the points are credited to your account.

The codes are in the cap or on the box, I love this one cause its so easy to just text it to your account and they add up fast.

I got a yr subscription to SELF magazine already and now I'm saving for the reuseable red coke bag. They have lots of prizes to choose from so if you drink coke products or know someone who does you can get FREE STUFF...

When I first started coke rewards I noticed on trash day that the neighbors had a coke box in their trash worth 75 points!!! Well that's when my husband "Drew the Line" and refused to let me dig through the neighbor's trash!!! Oh well....so see even if you don't drink coke just go take a walk on trash day but Don't tell your husband!!!

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