Sending a CARE Package

Have you THANKED a Soldier today???

I'm guilty!!! I go days maybe weeks and forget that I live in a country that is at War. My paper will post fallen soldiers from time to time and that is my reminder.

Last year, I quit my job as a Flight Attendant to stay home with my new baby. I started blogging and signing up for free stuff as a hobby. I sign up for FREE SAMPLES to try out new products and to donate to other causes.

I don't have the means to write out a BIG check to a chairity and as a busy mom I don't have the time to donate hours. So my way of giving back is for just a few mintues out of my day I sign up for free samples and start a care package.

My hubby was getting a little annoyed with all the baskets of free samples cluttering up the cabinets and countertops.
My 'Free Clutter'

So I decided to de-clutter by doing a little 'Spring' cleaning and at the same time THANK a Soldier.

When I was flying I would collect all the soaps and shampoo from hotels. We had a box in our crew room  to toss these items in, that would then be donated to shelters.

Well, why couldn't I send this stuff off to a Soldier serving overseas????

I don't know anyone serving so I posted a facebook status asking for an address to a Soldier serving overseas.

I thought, 'I'll send ONE box because I bet shipping is gonna be over $100 to send something overseas!' WRONG!!

The PRIORITY boxes, tape and labels are FREE! When you use the Large Flat Rate Box and ship to any APO/FPO/DPO then it's $2 less than the domestic rate. That makes it only $12.50 to send a package to a Soldier. Pick up a few the next  time you're at the post office....they're FREE!

If it fits, it ships! I got a lot of stuff in this box:)

I have a junk drawer full of unused forgotten items, a pantry of cans goods I will never eat, a few gift items given to me that I will never use, hotel soaps and shampoo and lots of free samples from my favorite site

 FREE SAMPLES I signed up for

And I went to my local dollar store to add to the box. I filled a box for a Soldier at around $20 including the shipping cost. I am sending FOUR boxes out today!!!!

Items from the dollar store: gum, beef jerk, pop rocks, cards, chap stick. peanut brittle and chocolate covered almonds

You could skip the dollar store sign up with SWAGBUCKS earn a paypal gift card to cover the cost of shipping and send a care package for absolutely FREE!!

See sidebar about how swagbucks works....and  'SEARCH and EARN for a SOLDIER'!!!!

Wanta send a box yourself?

Here is a list of items needed and wanted and I quote a Soldier :

"We have been striped of every little thing that matters so anything you send is valuable. Thank you so very much!!!!"

  1. Canned goods
  2. Books
  3. Video Games
  4. Jerky
  5. Lip Balm
  6. Wet Naps
  7. Toiletries
  8. Sun Glasses
  9. Playing Cards
  10. Combs
  11. Mittens
  12. Blankets
  13. For a list of even more items click HERE

Please refer to this website for more info on Military Care Package Restrictions:

You may no longer address a package to 'ANY SOLDIER' ! Mail must be addressed to an individual or job title such as "Commander", "Commanding Officer", etc.

For care packages, you will need to fill out a declaration form from the Post Office. On that form, you have the option to request the package be 'Treated as Abandoned' (box 10) if it cannot be delivered directly to the soldier. We suggest you request this option to avoid having your package returned if undelivered.

You will also have to itemize each item, so it's best to pick up this form first and fill out as you pack your box if you have several different items. Some like to send just one item like girl scout cookies or batteries or a few similar items to make this step a little easier.

See ya at the post office:)


Anonymous said...

Michell - it's great that you are doing this! Thank you!

Jessica Hills said...

Wow this is so awesome. Thanks for posting at Favorite Things Friday and for the comment...don't worry, most people don't look up your blog by the url...I think they follow or copy and paste it into google reader...

Andrea (ace1028) said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the address info. Did you connect w. people who have family overseas?

*A* said...

This is very sweet of you! I have a cousin who is on his second tour in Afghanistan. I sent him a care package and he emailed me when he got home to say that the Yo-Yo I put in there was the best thing ever. They get really bored and it was an unusual thing to send. I had also put in one of those giant sticky hand things and he thought that was pretty fun too. Kudos to you for doing this!!

Lizzie Gowers said...

My hubby is on his second tour and he says they get all the toiletries they need from the USO. He's always requesting snack items, and anything that's home-made (I just sent banana bread and earned me some fans over there, lol).
My hubby's address:
SPC. Gowers, Jason
APO AE 09344

K∂riиє* Smith. said...

Following You from MBC.
When you get a chance please follow me back?


Half Brazilian-Half Irish

Your Mommy Friend Lori said...

What a wonderful idea! You are doing a great thing. I think I'd like to do this too and get the whole family involved. We owe our service men and women so much, this is the least we can do!

Anonymous said...

I think this is wonderful. I already have some stuff for my care package to send out. Including a gameboy w/ tetris, Travel bop-it, and a Texas holdem game, Magazines, A couple books and lots of my freebies I have gathered along the way. I am going to talk with the ladies I work with and see if they would like to donate anything or Money towards more stuff. Thanks again.

Margie Widgeon said...

Following you from friday follow. Hoping you stop by and follow me too..

Awesome idea. My husbands ship just returned from deployment. I will definitely send pkgs to the above addresses you posted.

TheSuburbanMom said...

This is FANTASTIC! I just took all of my freebies to a local place that is sending things over to Haiti (also a great thing to do with leftover freebies), but I love this idea as an ongoing thing to do. I am going to bookmark this post so I can come back for the addresses!

tracyo said...

What a great idea! This will surely inspire people to help out as well :O)

Cynthia said...

Following you from MBC. Come follow me :)

I want to send a package!! :) I'm going to work on this over the next two weeks! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sarah Lewis said...

following from MBC!

J. L. W. said...

This is a fantastic idea. Like you, I have of ton of stuff I got in the mail that we never use. Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea! Following from MBC.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

What a sweet idea!! I'm sure the soldiers recieving your packages will be delighted!!

Show Me Mama said...

It is just a great idea! I am your new follower from MBC (200 followers) my blog is come visit sometimes :)

Truthful Mommy said...

Following your blog from MBC.Come visit me.

Jennifer said...

AWW THATS AWESOME! Thank you for thanking a soldier. My brother is serving over seas in Iraq. If you ever need addresses to send to let me know and I can have him get a list for you. Thanks for stopping by and joining in on my giveaway. This inspired me to do something new next week! Ur Amazing! And yes sharing your tips and tricks is much welcome to me!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, what a great post. Be sure to put the button ON THE ACTUAL POST (either at the top or bottom). Go in as though you are going to edit your post, and then go to HTML and place the HTML of the button, which you copied for the party. Does that make sense? You can post as many as you want, as long as you have the button on each individual post.

Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

I really love this post! I had never thought of sending free samples. That's a great idea! My daughter's best friend finished Marine boot camp last summer and is almost through with the rest of his training. We are almost positive he will deploy overseas soon. I will definitely start saving all of the free samples we get here and there so I can start sending them to him AND to other soldiers who are serving to protect our great nation! Thanks for all this great info. I'm going to copy it so I can remember it!

Have a wonderful day!

Teresa <><

Stuff could always be worse said...

Thanks for the info, need to do this!

Shell said...

I just wanted to say thanks for thinking of those who serve. As a former soldier & current military spouse this means a whole lot. Thanks!

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