How to make a FLAG

I am adding some décor to my son’s room and thought it needed a flag!
We received a flag as a house warming present for our 1st home
and I have always wanted to recreate it.
I bought a bundle of stakes at my home improvement store for around $5. Everything else, nails, hammer, saw , paint and stencil I had on hand.
It’s very hard for me to watch a movie and do nothing else…
like facebook, blog, crochet or make something.
Soooo I made this little flag right at my coffee table while I watched a movieSmile
032 033
I laid out 2 stakes for the backside and lined up stakes for my flag.
I ended up using 10 stakes. Two for the backside and 8 for the front.
I could have made 2 flags with this bundle of stakes.
I then hammer nails in each stake to the backside stake.
All secure….
I painted the upper left corner Blue.
Then I painted every other stake Red and White.
I used a Hobby Lobby star stencil and painted some stars.
Next, I used a saw to cut the ends off the backside stakes.
And there you have it
047 048
To hang my flag…I simply made 2 holes with a nail and pulled some wire through the holes.
My son’s room is almost done!
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by clicking on each.
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Mike and Wendy said...

I love flags! What a simple project. I also love the pencil. I pinned that one!
Anyway, sorry to bother you on your blog, but I wanted to check and see if you got your stick family and what you thought about it. If for some crazy reason you haven't received it yet, you can see a picture of it on my craft blog. It's

Jennifer Curtis said...

So cute! Love this idea!

Holly Lefevre said...

I love anything with flags. I am getting ready to make one out of a pallet (for outdoors)...but love this idea. It looks amazing (not surprised you are always amazing!)

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